Kodiak Trucking is a family owned and operated truck hauling service company

Servicing all of Southern California with our fleet of 80 trucks, and partnered with many owner operators across the state.



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Double Bottom Dumps are a cost effective way to haul a significant amount of aggregates, asphalt, dirt and other materials in fewer trips. We currently have 35 double bottom dumps in our fleet.

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Super 10 dump trucks hold close to the heart of Kodiak Trucking, as most of our earliest trucks were Super Tens. These trucks are very well balanced since they can haul asphalt, grindings, wetbatch concrete, demo, and other materials in tight and high traffic spaced. At the same time, they are nimble and able to maneuver in and out of the jobsite.

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Our Super Tag trucks are equipped with a tag axle behind the rear-drive axles and come with a longer truck demo to maximize the payload. With our super tags, we are able to haul asphalt, grindings, wetbatch concrete, demo material, aggregates and more.

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Our semi end dump trucks perform well hauling demo, rocks, grindings and are great for stock piling material.

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Since established in 2014, we have grown to be a leader in dump truck services in Southern California. Founded in Bakersfield, CA, we have consistently been able to successfully haul all types of aggregate material, and eventually grow to a fleet of over 80 trucks consisting of: dump trucks, flat beds, dry bands, and cement mixers. Due to this large fleet, we are able to provide an extensive amount of services. This also makes us not just one of the largest fleets local to Bakersfield, but also in Southern California. We have acquired our DBE Certification in 2015, making us also one of the biggest DBE Certified companies in Southern California.

Kodiak Trucking Inc prioritizes a safe, and timely trip with each load delivered. We allocate the appropriate amount and type of trucks to each job to ensure that the customer gets the maximum amount of work for their money. Our drivers are highly trained and understand each job to its fullest extent, to ensure a smooth work flow - from loading to unloading.

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