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We offer belly dump truck rentals in Southern California

Kodiak Trucking Inc's belly dumps are perfect for stockpiling gravel, asphalt, small rock, and sand. Rocks larger than 1-1⁄2" are not suitable for these trailers. These trailers are designed to minimize weight and maximize payload, offering quick turnaround times. With our drivers behind the wheel, we can assure quality, efficient, and safe transportation of your material. We currently have 15 double bottom dumps in our fleet and many more owner operators ready to haul your aggregate.

Best use of our double bottom dumps

Kodiak's belly dump trucks are an appropriate solution when you need to stockpile and haul material that requires controlled unloading. Bottom dumps are highly stable and will not roll over during unloading since they don't need to be raised for dumping. You can perform certain unloading techniques such as windrowing, which releases materials in a long line, instead of a dumping pile. 

Double Bottom Dumps are capable of holding up to a legal 61,500 GVW, and up to a 20 ton pay load. GVW stands for Gross Vehicle Weight, and this is the total amount of weight your trailer will weigh with your cargo included. 

Kodiak Truck Double Bottom Dump.JPG

Kodiak Truck double bottom dump unloading asphalt 

Kodiak Double Bottom Dump Truck Sand.jpg

Kodiak double bottom dump truck unloading sand

Kodiak Double Bottom Dump Truck Unloading Gravel.png

Top view of unloading sand

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