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Hector gettin' down with the metal

Join the Kodiak fleet

Work with Kodiak

Kodiak Trucking, Inc. is always looking for qualified and motivated individuals who are wanting to join the company. We look for integrity and honesty within our employees to assure the job will be done in the best manner we can provide.


Kodiak Trucking, Inc. is a certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) company, and we pride ourselves in holding that certification. Learn more about our DBE certification and what it means here.

You can fill out a pre-employment form below and email it to us at so you can get a head start on the employment process.

Get hired as a Kodiak company driver

Company Driver

Become the driving force behind Kodiak Trucking by joining us as a company driver and an essential part of our fleet. Our truck drivers represent the very essence of our organization, showcasing our commitment to excellence. If you have your Class A and the necessary endorsements, we welcome you to join our team.


Click to discover more about our competitive compensation packages, schedules, and the application process.

Become an owner operator with Kodiak Trucking

Subhauler / Owner Operator

As a subhauler/owner-operator, your collaboration with Kodiak Trucking significantly contributes to the successful execution of our projects. By combining your expertise with our established operations, we can secure more job opportunities and foster a thriving partnership. Take the first step towards joining forces with Kodiak Trucking by completing the subhauler form.


Click the button below, and let's get to work.

Become a diesel mechanic at Kodiak Trucking

Diesel Mechanic

Diesel Mechanics are instrumental in the operations of the entire trucking operation. Trucks will frequently return from their jobs with repair required, and as a diesel mechanic you and a team of experienced mechanics are able to take on any issue that rolls into the shop.

Our mechanics are responsible for diagnosing complex mechanical issues, performing routine maintenance, and implementing timely repairs to guarantee the longevity of our fleet. You will constantly adapt and grow your skills to stay ahead of industry advancements, ensuring that Kodiak Trucking, Inc. remains at the forefront of efficiency and reliability in the trucking sector.

Become a Kodiak Welder and Fabricator

Welding and Fabrication

Welders play a pivotal role in our repair and fabrication processes, working hand-in-hand with our mechanics to ensure the highest standards of quality and safety. Maintaining the structural integrity of our trucks is vital, as metals can distort, bend, or tear under demanding conditions.


As a member of our skilled team of welders, you will contribute to the fabrication, modification, and repair of essential metal components on Kodiak trucks. Join us in upholding our commitment to excellence and reliability by ensuring our fleet is always ready for the next challenge.

Kodiak truck washer

Truck Washer

Its important to look good! Trucking is not the cleanest job, but with our logo on these trucks, they need to look their best when performing jobs. Apply to be a truck washer below!

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