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South H and Pacheco - Loading Grindings

The Jobsite

July 27th, 2021, Kodiak Trucking Inc. assisted with loading up grindings that was dug up to be removed from the site (South H), to be later replaced by usable road. This job took place on South H and Pacheco, in Bakersfield, CA. The customer required that Kodiak uses their super-tens to perform this job, since our super-tens can maneuver quickly and be nimble on the street, which was necessary as this was still an active road. Within this post is a compilation of pictures and videos captured while the Kodiak trucks were in action.

The objective of this job is to load up the super-tens with grindings, then unload the grindings at Griffith Company on White Lane. Kodiak sent out 26 super-tens to assist with this job.

No. 2087 showed up looking good for the camera. Here is a short video of its glossy bed before it was loaded up.

2087 then prepared to get loaded by getting underneath the milling machine. After getting properly positioned, the machine began milling and transferred the grindings into the bed of the super-ten.

2087 getting loaded

Here is one of our sub-haulers being loaded up on grindings.

After all the loading has been performed, the trucks then drove to Griffith Company to unload these grindings, which are going to be recycled to be put back into circulation. These types of jobs are just one of many jobs that Kodiak can and has fulfilled. No matter the location or the aggregate material, Kodiak Trucking will be able to haul it, and satisfy any dump truck needs. Expect to see more posts just like this that will display Kodiaks ability to competently complete jobs in a timely, safe manner.

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