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Silverback trucking owner operator

Partner with 
Kodiak Trucking

Owner Operator

How to become an owner operator

To become an Owner Operator, you would need the following:


- Subhauling Agreement completed (we have these available at our office for take home or completion onsite. We can also send one to their email via DocuSign for electronic completion. We would just need first/last name and email address)

- Motor Carrier Permit

- Air Resources Board Certificate

- Certificate showing enrollment in a Drug & Alcohol Program

- Workers Comp/Insurance Certificates naming Kodiak as the Certificate Holder

- Proof that their company is registered with the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) so that they are eligible to work on Prevailing Wage Projects which are most of them.

- Driver License

- Medical Card

- Truck Registration


You are able to email images or scans of these docs to or text at 661-262-8032. The coverpage on the Agreement also has a list of these certs needed.

Kodiak Trucking Inc. has many projects in North and Southern California, and are always looking to expand our network of owner operators. The type of equipment we are looking for vary by the jobs we currently have. View our list of California projects we have currently active, and if you are in the area please reach out to us! We look forward to creating a mutually beneficial relationship.


If you are looking to be a company driver, head to our company driver page.


  • Bakersfield

  • Blythe

  • Fresno

  • San Fernando Valley

  • San Bernardino

  • Los Angeles

  • Orange County

  • Fillmore

  • Coalinga

  • Livingston

  • Visalia

  • Tulare

  • Big Sur

  • Monterrey

  • Santa Cruz

  • Stockton

  • San Jose

  • Merced

Trucks needed

We require many truck types to complete the jobs that we currently have and are working to acquire. View the list of trucks we are looking for. If you have the trucks available, please apply below. If you know of any owner operators that have these trucks and are looking for work, send them a link to this site.

Kodiak subhauler on highway 99
Owner Op. App.

If you do not own your own truck, click here to apply as a company driver.

Apply Here

Do not apply unless you have your own truck.

We will respond to you via email.
We have been experiencing a high number of applicants, but we will still do our best to get to your application quickly.

Si no tiene su propio camión, no aplique

Thank you for your interest in partnering with Kodiak Trucking Inc!

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