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Kodiak trucks lined up at the yard

Fastest Growing
Most Competitive
Dump Truck Company

Most Competitive Trucking Company in Southern California

Kodiak Trucking, Inc. is one of the biggest, most progressive aggregate trucking company not just in Bakersfield, CA but in the Kern Valley region. 

We are a family owned business founded in 2014, established in Bakersfield, CA. We haul aggregate materials, including dirt, grindings, hot asphalt mix, wet cement, demo and other materials. We have been able to grow to a now 80 truck fleet consisting of super tens, super tags, end dumps, flatbeds, dry bands, belly dumps and transfers. Pairing our large fleet with our extensive network of owner operators means we can commit to some of the largest jobs available in Southern California and Arizona. We often manage multiple projects at once & cover jobs that require 40 or more trucks on-site.


With quality drivers, talented mechanics, and superior dispatchers we dominate in the aggregate hauling industry. We make sure to bring the best service in material transport to meet our customers needs. We always make sure to keep our drivers working in safe environments, all while keeping our integrity and honesty between customes and employees.

Kodiak trucks with palm trees in the background

Our Large Fleet Contains Various Types of Equipment to Handle Any Job

We have a fleet of over 80 trucks, and many various trailers. This large fleet allows us to commit to many large jobs at once, and whenever we have some spots to fill, we rely on our deep network of owner operators. We keep our fleet clean, well-maintained, and put the best drivers behind the wheel of every Kodiak truck.


We have seen many different tractors and trailers since our founding in 2014, but we have always had a large amount of super ten dump trucks, which comprises of most of our fleet. After comes our double bottom dumps, or belly dumps. We also have flatbeds, supertags, dryvans, and semi-end dumps that are allocated depending on the job at hand.

We Haul Any and All Aggregates to and from Various Dump Sites and Locations

Kodiak loading up with demo in Selma

Kodiak Trucking, Inc. hauls any and all aggregate materials, from asphalt to sand and from demo to wetbatch. We are equipped to run mutliple aggregates at once: we will have our double bottoms deliver material for wetbatch, where our super tens come in and haul off that wetbatch. Our drivers are extremely knowledgable and understand how to maintain/clean their trucks so that todays material does not contaminate tomorrows material. This also allows us to keep our trucks to go out every day without worry of the trucks box interfering with any work they have assigned in the future.


Our various types of trucks are able to take a beating. With our talented mechanics maintaining our trucks, materials such as grindings or demo will not take our trucks out of service for long. We get our trucks back up and running with minimal downtime so that we can get our trucks right back to work, and providing the highest quality service possible.

Kodiak unloading wetbatch hwy58/99
Kodiak super ten unloading asphalt
Kodiak Super Ten with asphalt and owner operator

Have your own equipment?

Lets work together. Click the button below to be redirected to our owner operator page, where you can fill out your contact information and apply to work with us. If you or anyone you know is interested, we also have positions such mechanics, welders and company drivers.

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