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Kodiak Truck super ten dump truck with bed raised compressed.jpg

We offer Super-10 truck rentals for Southern California.

We own and operate a total of 25 Super-Ten dump trucks within our fleet. Whether the aggregate material be HMA, demo, dirt, concrete, or other aggregate materials, Kodiak Trucking Inc's Super-Tens will be able to haul it efficiently, quickly, but most importantly, safely. 

Benefits of hiring a Super 10

Renting our Kodiak Super-Tens are a great solution when you need a significant amount of material hauled. Super-tens carry less than our super-tags, but super-ten dump trucks are shorter and more nimble. Challenging paths such as tight streets or corridors become is where our super-tens perform best. Being so nimble allows the truck to better navigate and position themselves to deliver the payload. By utilizing our agile super-tens, you will certainly be able to maximize your efficiency, by decreasing time taken for clean-up, and decreasing time between each load, while not sacrificing tonnage per payload.


Super-Tens are built to legal 58,000 GVW, and up to 15-18 ton pay load. GVW stands for Gross Vehicle Weight, and this is the total amount of weight your trailer will weigh with your cargo included. If you are looking for more tons to be able to haul, then you may be looking for our double bottom dumps, super tags, or end dumps.

Kodiak Super 10 Getting Loaded by Scooper.png

Kodiak Truck super 10 getting loaded with demo. Selma, CA.

Super 10 Dumping Demo.png

Kodiak super ten unloading demo. Selma, CA.

Kodiak Super 10 Unloading Wetbatch.JPG

Kodiak Super 10 unloading wetbatch for Centennial Corridor

Kodiak Super 10 Dumping Asphalt.png

Super ten dumping asphalt. Hwy 99/58.

Super 10 Getting Loaded with Dirt.png

Super 10 getting loaded with sand on Hwy 58/99

Kodiak Super 10 Loading with Grindings.jpg

Kodiak Super 10 loading up grindings. South H & Pacheco, Bakersfield CA.

trucking highway construction southern california

Have your own Super 10?

We got a whole lot of work for you. Click the button below to be redirected to our owner operator page, where you can fill out your contact information and apply to work with us.

Rent Kodiaks Super-Tens

Click the link below to get a quote on your hauls! 

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