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We offer super tag truck rentals in Southern California

Our super tags can haul approximately 20 tons, making this truck able to carry more than the super-ten. That is, approximately 20 tons of any aggregate material that you need hauled: HMA, demo, dirt, concrete, or any other type of aggregate. Kodiak Trucking Inc's super-tags  and its drivers will ensure that your payload will be delivered in a safe and timely manner.

Benefits of using a super tag

Kodiak's Super-tags are an appropriate solution when you need to stockpile and haul much more material than what a super-ten can carry. With a longer wheelbase, the super tag can legally carry more weight. 

Super-Tags are built to legal 61,500 GVW, and up to a 20 ton pay load. GVW stands for Gross Vehicle Weight, and this is the total amount of weight your trailer will weigh with your cargo included. 

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