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Super Tag dump truck

We offer Super tag truck rentals for Southern California.

Our super tags can haul approximately 20 tons, making this truck able to carry more than the super-ten. That is, approximately 20 tons of any aggregate material that you need hauled: HMA, demo, dirt, concrete, or any other type of aggregate. Kodiak Trucking Inc's super-tags  and its drivers will ensure that your payload will be delivered in a safe and timely manner.

Benefits of hiring a Super tag

Our Kodiak Super tags can stockpile more than our super-tens and are a great solution when you need a significant amount of material stockpiled, more than what a super ten can do. Super tags have longer bodies than super tens, and are equipped with a tag axle behind the rear-drive axles. The bed is longer and slants downward towards the back of the truck, allowing the load to slide towards the back of the body. This is important for heavier loads, because if the load is stacked too much in the middle of the bed, then the bed cannot properly raise, thus preventing the truck from unloading. 

Super tags are built to legal 58,000 GVW, and up to 15-18 ton pay load. If you are looking for more tons to be able to haul, then you may be looking for our double bottom dumps, or semi-end dumps. If you have lighter loads to be delivered faster, take a look at our super 10s.

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Rent Kodiaks Super Tags

Click the link below to get a quote on your hauls! 

Kodiak Super Ten with asphalt and owner operator

Have your own equipment?

Lets work together. Click the button below to be redirected to our owner operator page, where you can fill out your contact information and apply to work with us. If you or anyone you know is interested, we also have positions such mechanics, welders and company drivers.

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