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Diesel mechanic working on a kodiak truck

Mission Critical Servicing and Repair

Diesel Mechanic



Currently Hiring:

Bakersfield, CA

Full time; Mon - Fri


Diesel mechanics are to perform preventative maintenance, component replacements and troubleshoot on Kodiaks fleet of trucks. In this role, you will complete routine work such as tire changing, minor electrical repairs and minor accident repairs. You will also have some non-technical tasks such as cleaning duties, routine parts stocking, inventory counting and local parts pick-ups. Tools are not provided, you may bring your own to be most effective! You will work closely with our shop manager, who will assist you in getting you the truck parts to repair the Kodiak trucks.

About this role
  • Drive the forklift and possibly company vehicles to unload, stock, and pick up parts at local vendors, dealers and suppliers as needed.

  • Advise other shop associates, drivers, and operations leaders on repair stances, wait times, reasons for repair decisions and status updates.

  • Tools are not provided and you must bring your own tools.

  • Using software such as JPro Diagnostics and Paccar's Davie4 to pull codes from trucks and diagnose issues based off those codes

  • Road service calls in the incident where a truck breaks down on the road, you will be escorted out to repair the truck on site.

What to expect from this role
  • Hourly wage of starting $22/hr and highest $35/hr - depending on experience.

  • We may assist with relocation expenses depending on your experience as a diesel mechanic.

  • Flexible work schedule, paid sick days.

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Apply by calling our number (661) 262-8032 or by emailing

You may also come in person to request a preemployment application form, or download the free .pdf and fill it out

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