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Kodiak welder working on a fabrication

Instrumental to the Process




Currently Hiring:

Bakersfield, CA

Full time; Mon - Fri


Welders are to fabricate, combine, and fix tears in metals on the Kodiak trucks. In this role, you can expect to be working mostly on the framework of the trailers and trucks, as its important that the trucks leave the shop with their strongest structural integrity. You will also have to perform gate repairs, chassis extending, and apron work. You will work closely with our mechanics, who are alongside you in the shop to quickly provide you with the necessary details that you require for you to be able to properly work.

About this role
  • Drive the forklift and possibly company vehicles to unload, stock, and pick up parts at local vendors, dealers and suppliers as needed.

  • Advise other shop associates, drivers, and operations leaders on repair stances, wait times, reasons for repair decisions and status updates.

  • Tools are not provided and you must bring your own tools, with the exception of drill bits for power tools.

What to expect from this role
  • We may assist with relocation expenses depending on your experience as a welder.

  • Flexible work schedule, paid sick days.

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